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A picture is worth a thousand words – so make sure you check out some of the websites created by iDesigns.


A car salon with a variety of services on offer.


A company specialising in a wide range of IT services.

HYPA Agency

A digital marketing agency.


Custom cakes in Łódź


Metaverse NFT game

Łukasz Piłat

Diet, training and consultation

Marketing for crypto companies


Store for shishas and accessories


Photo studio in Warsaw


A business and astrology consultations.

Niemiecki AC

German language teacher landing page.

Gaja Kuroń

A Gaja Kuroń blog with recipes.

Getpaid20 Mentoring

A script for payment for online money making courses.


Web platform for streamers to collect donations.

1 World Outlet

A known brands outlet clothing franchise.

Adrian Olszewski

A website dedicated to Adrian and his illness.

Market Grzewczy

A website for comparison and sale of fuel materials.


A shop selling high-quality coal extracted from mines in Siberia.

Bazar Odzieżowy

A second-hand clothing outlet franchise.

Start Prezent

A gadget shop with over 30 000 items.

Pure Fuels

A supplier of high-quality fuel materials.


The largest producer of double-glazed windows in Belarus.


Web app in Laravel to manage games.


Website of diet catering - visual improvements and e-shop creating.


Shop with food supplements and dermatological products


Supplement for strengthening immunity


A spore store for research and observation

Pure Tech

Electrical installations, equipment assembly, photovoltaic panels

Terra Pellet

Sales page of high-quality pellet

Kamil Miernik

Coal sales site by the coal tester


Photovoltaic installations for business customers


The website of tasty and cheap diet catering

There is more! We have performed numerous successful optimisations of websites to align them to the Google search engine, tens of corrections and written scripts applied to websites as well as personally written Wordpress plugins.

About us

We are glad you are here! iDesigns is a group of experienced and highly driven programmers. We expect our programmers to be passionate about their job and have a modern approach to website design. If you would like your order to be actioned thoroughly and result in an exceptional impression made on your customers and guests, we are fully capable of providing that. Remember – having a good website is the best business card you can have, nowadays a good first impression is crucial.

Our offer

Your new website is in safe hands.

We can provide everything needed for you to launch your own professional website. However, we would like to talk with you first so as to establish your goals and expectations from the website. We would like our websites to not only be a joy to the visitors using them but also the owner - you.

Website creation

An app, a shop, a business card, blog or a plain website – you name it.

Optimisation and positioning

For those who would like to rank high in Google.

Website redesign

Has your website existed for quite some time and a change of design into something more modern would do it well?

Website repairs and fixing

Is your website broken? Do you require changes? We can help!

Why us?

Case-by-case approach

We mostly care about YOUR satisfaction. Should something be unclear - we are always happy to explain everything to you in a clear manner and also run you through the best course of action.


We pride ourselves on being creative individuals with years of experience of work with websites under our belts.


Being passionate about our job is not only going to result in the work being performed quicker – but it also guarantees a first-class quality and compliance with the newest trends.

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